[News] Super Junior Shake Finally Hits The Android Market!

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Global contents provider dooub, Inc. has finally launched its megahit game, SUPER JUNIOR SHAKE, on Android market. SUPER JUNIOR SHAKE which won The Best Mobile Game Award of 2011 by global website Mashable, has earned the world popularity in rhythm action games.

Android version of SUPER JUNIOR SHAKE contains total of 10 songs, including hit songs like Sorry, Sorry, Perfection, and Mr. Simple, which are very popular and all proved to be very entertaining songs for rhythm action games on its iPhone version.

The shakers will be able to enjoy both TAP Mode and SHAKE Mode just like its iPhone version. Also Card Deck System, the unique system of MUSICAIN SHAKE series, allows the shakers to collect the pictures of Super Junior members during the game. The collected cards can either be used or combined to get higher scores or new cards.

SUPER JUNIOR SHAKE Android version fully supports Android 2.2 or above and aiming perfect optimization for various types of Android devices. according to dooub‘s spokesperson :

“Thankful for all the great interest and love for SUPER JUNIOR SHAKE, we feel absolutely thrilled to announce the official release of SUPER JUNIOR SHAKE Android version for those of who have waited for a very long time”

The MUSICAIN SHAKE series by dooub has already become one of the most popular rhythm action games, gathering more than 2.5 million shakers across the world. Now, dooub is seeking another sensation in mobile game market with their Android platform.

Source/Credit : DKpop News
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