[News/Picture] Eunhyuk Celebrates “Mr. Simple” Selling Over 500K Copies + 6th Album is On Its Way?

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Last year, Super Junior released their fifth album titled ‘Mr. Simple‘ and proved to everyone once again why they’re one of the leaders of the Hallyu wave. From its release in August of 2011 all the way to March 2012, it was recorded that the album sold over 500,000 copies!

Although it may be a bit late, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk recently went onto his Twitter to celebrate the great news. He tweeted :

“It’s a bit late but thank you! When I heard about the news that (Mr.Simple) sold out over 500 thousands copies, it didn’t feel real to me at first but I feel really proud and great! Thank you so much to all of you who bought the album~ I/We will prepare the 6th album well with this strength!!!! Bowing(__)”

He contonued :

” and the celebratory cake for the 500,000 copies as a present from eunhyuk.com!!! Thank you^~^ I shall leave a message soon!!!!!”

Along with the tweets, he posted up pictures of himself and Leeteuk holding the beautiful celebratory cake given by fans.

Source/Credit : Ningin.com

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