[News/Picture] Taemin Shows Off Part of His Chest in his Japanese Mobile Fansite Message!

2012/05/01 at 8:12 am | Posted in Keylocks News, Taemin | Leave a comment

Over the weekend, SHINee rocked out in Sapporo for their Japan Arena Tour and following his hyungs Jonghyun and Key in their updates is maknae Taemin. The dance machine wrote :

“I look good in my sunglasses right!! (laugh)
At Sapporo, we went to hotspring, ate miso ramen and crab, etc., it was really very fun!!
It’s not only the concert, we also get to refresh (relax), we became to love Sapporo~!”

Taemin is seen with his adorable sunglasses, but what should catch fans’ attention is his shirt, which shows part of chest/abs. Guess he gained a bit more weight after his Sherlock pictures.

Source/Credit : ningin.com
Posted : WorldSujuShinee

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