[Words] 120719 M!Countdown Recording Fan Account!

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Inspired by : Sup3rjunior.wordpress.com | forevershiningshinee.tumblr.com

Translated by: @SJia13 | Shared by : Destinyhae | Via: sup3rjunior.wordpress.com

Wearing dark blue top and black pants. Siwon is not here. The moment they went up on stage, Donghae grabbed Leader’s shirt and exposed his chest for the fans to see. Then he hugged Leader and smiled and aegyo. Leeteuk looked at us and lifted up his shirt to show his abs. His injured foot looked better already. Kyuhyun sat down on the floor immediately once on stage as usual. So lazy. Donghae squatted down to tie his shoelaces but his eyes never left the fans.

Half way through recording, Donghae was humming a song. Hyukjae asked to stop singing. Then Hyukjae suddenly knelt down in front of Donghae and Yesung came over and kicked him. Kangin talked to the fans.

Source and Credit: 范萌静

Leeteuk wearing a vest half exposing his chest. Before the opening he purposely unbuttoned one button to tease the fans. Then Donghae backhugged Leeteuk and started unbuttoning him. Everybody was shouting “let us see!” Then Ryeowook backhugged Leeteuk too. The music wasn’t ready in the beginning. They were all squatted for very long. So Donghae pretended to be angry and stomp his feet.

Source and Credit: 呆萌纠_纠斯斯求疯狂TUT

Yesung wore a black t-shirt with a blue purple vest. During 1st recording, Leeteuk showed his muscles to the fans the moment they went up stage. Then fans started shouting for Leeteuk to take off his clothes. Yesung was playing happily by himself at the back, imitating Leeteuk taking off his clothes. During 2nd recording, Hyukjae was kneeling on one knee, Yesung kicked him from the back. Then Yesung went to poke Donghae and Hyukjae who were preparing to standby. When the other members were talking, Yesung was playing with his fingers attentively.

Source and Credit: woonbar


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