[News] 120730 Eunhyuk Brought A Girl Over To Their Dorm?

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Source and Credit: allkpop | Source + Picture: MK via Naver

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk sweated hard after the members revealed that he brought a girl over to their dorm.

Super Junior members including Eunhyuk and Ryeowook guest starred on Mnet‘s ‘Beatles Code 2‘, set to air on July 30th. MC Tak Jae Hoon made the others curious as he said to Eunhyuk:
“I heard you brought a girl over to the dorm…”

Then Ryeowook shared:
“I opened the door to the dorm and there were woman’s heels at the door entrance, and Eunhyuk hyung was the only one in the dorm. I was so surprised and reported it to leader Leeteuk.”

Eunhyuk told the real truth of the matter by explaining:
“My mother and noona were there. But thanks to Ryeowook bringing the leader, they shared awkward greetings.”

Apparently, Eunhyuk actually has a lady whom he has liked for a long time. The lucky girl turned out to be Eunhyuk’s ideal type, actress Choi Jung Won. Eunhyuk is a big fan and even registered on Choi Jung Won’s fan cafe. He shared:

“I had a few opportunities to meet with Choi Jung Won. After I wrote something on her fan cafe, there came an offer to have a meal with her from her manager. But I was a rookie then and was so cautious that my manager hyung politely turned down the offer.”

Shindong added:
”That’s not the end. After that, Choi Jung Won invited Eunhyuk to her fan meeting, but he couldn’t go because of his schedule.”

Eunhyuk then sent a video message to Choi Jung Won shyly saying:
“If the time allows, I want to have a meal with you.”

Via: WorldWideELFs.com


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